Mat•thi•as Wjst /wiːst/

BORN: 1958 in Karlsruhe, Germany. Worked as photo lab assistant and nurse.
Studied then theology and medicine in Marburg and Göttingen.
1986 Dr med, 2000 Dr habil, now Professor (TU München) and Scientist (HMGU).
Known also as photojournalist (DFJV), active protestant (ELKB) and ethicist (TTN).
Lives in Gröbenzell. Married. Two children. Loves Cycling.
ONLINE: Images. Blog. Papers.
LIVE: Seminar. Talks. TV. Twitter. Instagram.
FEATURED: Science. Deutschlandradio. SZ.
BYTES: Dateplanner. Cycleplanner. Photobooth. Sensortest. OSCcontroller.
LEGAL: Impressum. Do not follow this link