Waiting to exhale

Waiting to exhale was a book in 1992 (“Right now I am supposed to be all geeked up”). Waiting to exhale then was a movie in 1995 (“Friends are the people who let you be yourself… and never let you forget it”). And finally Waiting to exhale was the title of a meeting report 1995 by Stephen Holgate describing the first genomewide linkage scan in asthma by Boehringer, Sequana & University Toronto.
We are now again holding the breath as at least 3 genomewide association scans for asthma have been completed – in the hope that they will be of more help than the previous linkage scans.
BTW Did you know that apnoe diving has made such a progress – Dynamic With Fins (DYN) See 126m: Olivier Haug / Men Static Apnea 8’58”: Tom Sietas. Aida-deutschland has the world records and Spiegel online some nice pictures.