A denial of service attack

The ever proliferating number of review requests comes like a denial of service attack – just like hacking attacks to high-profile web servers.
Best of all – however – it is a self limiting process. There is no more editor on the phone but just a few time triggered database actions. During my last holidays, this could be nicely seen:

25.08.2007 07:37 Invitation to Review XXX

Dear Dr. Wjist:
The Editors of XXX would appreciate your comments on the following manuscript, which has been submitted to the journal:
Manuscript ID XXX-XXX entitled “Replication of an association between…

31.08.2007 08:28 Reminder! Invitation to Review XXX

Dear Dr. Wjist:
An email was sent to you recently inviting you to review the following manuscript XXX-XXX for XXX (see detailed description below).
Since we have not yet heard from you, we would be most grateful if you would kindly indicate your willingness…

31.08.2007 14:14 Manuscript ID XXX-XXX. Follow-up: Invitation to Review

Dear Dr. Wjist:
Recently, I invited you to review a manuscript for XXX, Manuscript ID XXX-XXX.
I have since been fortunate enough to secure the required number of reviewers for this manuscript and will therefore not take up any more of your valuable time. I hope in the future you will be able to review other manuscripts submitted to the Journal.
Yours sincerely,

Just to make that clear – I have never published a paper there; the journal has never offered any gratification for this work; we have even never met before in life, and they even don’t know to spell my name correctly, yea, yea.