Is there a working alternative to Endnote(R) or Reference Manager(R) for Open Office (noR)? The Bibliographic Project Homepage says that

it will be possible to convert a scientific, technical or academic paper from one bibliographic style to an other bibliographic style, such as one required by a journal, simply by selecting the required style convention and automaticity reformat the document to the new style. So far as we know, the only WYSIWYG word processor that provides these features is Nota Bene, it is a good example of the type of Bibliographic and word processing integration we would like to achieve with OpenOffice. Another good bibliographic application model is Biblioscape. When will this wonderful facility be available? New development work for bibliographic enhancements to Open Office is expected to commence from late 2007, and probably available for users in Open Office version 2.x/3.x (mid-late 2008 ???) see feature timeline … The project urgently needs some experienced C++ developers to get this important work to the programing stage.