Women explained

I am not sure if my count of sequenced individuals is correct. While the Human Genome Project and Celera used a DNA mix for their draft version of the human genome, the next genomes were provided by Watson and Venter. Numer 4 to 12 were the eight individuals in the May 1, 2008 Nature paper, 7 of these are females. So the press release of “First female DNA sequenced” is wrong – Marjolein Kriek (“you gain some you loose some“) has lost the race. Science by press release may be even not the best way for communication of results. In any case I have doubts if these data will ever help us to understand women ;-)

Addendum 9/6/08

Read what Science writes about it

Addendum 15/09/08

A press release of the first of 100 Arab genomes.

Addendum 14/11/08

Ongoing work: the 1000 genomes project.

Addendum 15/11/08

A Science update accepts only 1. Human Genome Project (mix) 2. Celera (mix) 3. Venter 4. Watson 5. a female AML patient 6. a Nigerian Yoruba man and 7. a Chinese Han man.