People are, in a sense, on stage

— a quote of a new FM article entitled “Looking for you” that sees blogs as a form fo self-presentation on the internet (blogs btw show a dramatic increase of 1,4 new blogs every second worldwide). I haven’t seen blogging activity so much as self presentation – it’s just an expansion of other publication activities, like writing articles or giving lectures.

Goffman’s (1959) ideas are rooted in theatrical metaphor, suggesting that in social interaction people are, in a sense, on stage. If there is a stage for performance, then there must also be a “backstage” where individuals cease performing. Goffman (1959) suggests that this “backstage” is where one’s true self is revealed because there is no audience.

Maybe blogging is done somewhere in the transit between front and backstage?

Jones (1990) noted that there are several self–presentation strategies individuals use when trying to create a desired impression, including ingratiation, competence, intimidation, exemplification and supplication. Ingratiation is used when the desired goal is to be liked. Competence, or self–promotion, is used when an individual wants to be perceived as talented or capable. Intimidation is used when a person desires power or control of a situation. Exemplification is used when an individual wishes to be seen as morally superior or virtuous. Supplication is used when someone wants to be nurtured or helped, due to self–perceived weaknesses. Ingratiation is not only the most commonly used strategy […]

yea, yea.