Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst

While science does not produce such big waves at the moment, I spent some time last week at ourlocal surf spot here in Munich while sorting out this weekend about 2,000 shots. For those of you, who have never heard about the Eisbach here is the video trailer of the new movie

But note, before considering to travel here, read what the locals says

If you are a beginner, don’t even THINK of surfing here. The flow-braking rocks that the stream’s builders set into the concrete of the riverbed are invisible, but dangerous. Impacts on the rocks are hard and happen all the time after uncontrolled falls. Among the many injuries from the rocks, people had to lament the complete loss of a kneecap, a broken shoulder and a ruptured main aorta in a thigh with a near amputation of a leg. These accidents could force the city to close down the wave permanently. Consequently, all beginners face severe pressure from the experienced locals to get lost and to injure themselves at a different surf spot.

It is also my impression from talking to many riders this week that the new movie attracts even more and more surfers – like in the Alpes where everybody believes to be an expert in ski mountaineering or in the big city marathons with always longer finishing times.
Anyway, the same phenomenon in science where many PhD thesis’ do not qualify for research. BTW, here is one of my favorite shots of the last week; thanks to Mike for letting me publish it ;-)