It is a rather old topic here at Science Surf –searching for truth in science while here is a fresh new look.  How can we trust twitter messages and alike, is there any truth in big data?  What is just an internet meme?  Or a phenomenon — a meaning what is experienced as given? A pheme? A new EU project explains

Veracity: The Fourth Challenge of Big Data
Social media poses three major computational challenges, dubbed by Gartner the 3Vs of big data: volume, velocity, and variety.
PHEME will focus on a fourth crucial, but hitherto largely unstudied, challenge: veracity.
We coined the term phemes to describe memes which are enhanced with truthfulness information. It is a reference also to Pheme – the Greek goddess of fame and rumours.

That’s even an association that I didn’t have.
And it really looks like crucial project for the future. Only recently I was also fooled by a troll – not the recent Bieber or Threema stories but a minor technical issue.