Open letter to the Sente developer

Dear Michael J. Cinkosky,

this is an open letter regarding Sente academic library software.

Sente is used by tens of thousands of researchers in all academic fields at universities and research organizations around the world

I am using Sente nearly every day for many years to collect and annotate the literature.

It is useful to retrieve papers and insert references in my own papers.

It seems that Sente is not more supported.

A while ago, I could build up a bibliography only in exports from my text processor.

Then online sync stopped.

Most recently also Google Scholar reference recognition ended.

It is now a useless software. I paid for it, I used it, which was a fair deal.

But now am now lost, if Sente just drowns in the internet.

Could you sell it to a company that continues support?

Your customer base would really appreciate it.

Or write a final countdown Endnote export script that preserves PDF links.

Or just give us the code at Github, we will continue to develop it.

We all appreciate your work with Genbank and also with Sente.

But don’t leave us without saying good-bye.

All the best,