Vitamin D polygenic risk score is not associated with any disease

It is one of the minor papers in a minor journal but nevertheless has some big impact: A phenome-wide Mendelian-randomization study of genetically determined vitamin D on multiple health outcomes using the UK Biobank – Int J Epidemiol. 2019 Sep 13

Existing studies suggest that a low vitamin D level is associated with more than 130 outcomes. … We then implemented a Mendelian Randomization-Phenome Wide Association Study (MR-PheWAS) analysis on data from 339 256 individuals of White British origin from UK Biobank. We first ran a PheWAS analysis to test the associations between a 25(OH)D polygenic risk score and 920 disease outcomes…The PheWAS analysis did not identify any health outcome associated with the 25(OH)D polygenic risk score.

The message is clear – we know it for years.