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Epistemic disruption

A new First Monday paper examines our modern publishing system that has been driving the art of doing science into a primitive strategy of making impact points.

These disruptive forces are represented by changing technological, economic, distributional, geographic, interdisciplinary and social relations to knowledge. The article goes on to examine three specific breaking points. The first breaking point is in business models — the unsustainable costs and inefficiencies of traditional commercial publishing, the rise of open access and the challenge of developing sustainable publishing models. The second potential breaking point is the credibility of the peer review system: its accountability, its textual practices, the validity of its measures and its exclusionary network effects. The third breaking point is post–publication evaluation, centered primarily around citation or impact analysis. We argue that the prevailing system of impact analysis is deeply flawed.

yea, yea.


Working in a field where hundreds of papers are published every year and none is ever retracted, I highly appreciate a letter in Science.

…D1 dopamine receptor (D1R)-stimulated intracellular Ca2+ release was attributed to a direct interaction with calcyon … the ability of calcyon and D1Rs to co-immunoprecipitate when co-expressed in cells as reported presumably stems from the association of both proteins with clathrin-coated vesicles…thus, the isolation of the calcyon clone in a Y2H screen with D1Rs appears to have been adventitious…

In my opinion this comment advance science and give the authors a much higher credibility than any further paper. Yea, yea.