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How much wisdom is there in the scientific crowd?

Every day, we are piling up incredible amounts of data that nobody is overseeing anymore. AI is the poposed solution but who is overseeing AI?

Screenshot 19-12-19 www.algorithmwatch.org seems to be working this morning.

We are flooded every day with results, but does anyone care? Ecosystem declined by 47%, what’s next? We are already reading and writing too much with retrograde amnesia as nothing matters within the context of the replication crisis.

WIRED had a nice summery some time ago about “200 Researchers, 5 Hypotheses, No Consistent Answers. Just how much wisdom is there in the scientific crowd?”

The crowdsourced study is a dramatic demonstration of an idea that’s been widely discussed in light of the reproducibility crisis—the notion that subjective decisions researchers make while designing their studies can have an enormous impact on their observed results. Whether through p-hacking or via the choices they make as they wander the garden of forking paths, researchers may intentionally or inadvertently nudge their results toward a particular conclusion.

The Landy Study is my personal favorite of 2019.