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There is something wrong in this world

or should I write “there is no absolute barrier between good and evil”?

One has to realize that there’s no absolute barrier between good and evil. There’s no absolute polarization between the wonderfully good and the horribly evil, and that people who see themselves as trying to do good can inadvertently enter into evil.

I had the opportunity yesterday to watch a documentation about the Lifton interviews of the Nazi doctors by Wolfgang Richter “Wenn Ärzte töten” (SZ , trailer). Richter was accompanied by Christiane Clemm who did all the translations more than 30 years ago. There were moving moments both during the calm narration of the documentation but also afterwards when we could ask Richter and Clemm for more details. Continue reading There is something wrong in this world

Doctor help yourself

Physicians do have a lower life expectancy than the average population – which argues somewhat against the health (some believe also disease) expertise of physicians. ZEIT magazine now has an article about “Guter Arzt, kranker Arzt”. It is about the hierarchic system in German hospitals, the daily indignities, the long working shifts and the hope that this will improve by climbing the next step of the career ladder.