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Is AI able to classify supporting and contradicting references?

To answer that question, I am just examining one of my own papers in which I am contradicting most earlier research.

Unfortunately, the scite results are disappointing, if not to say useless …

https://scite.ai/reports/10.1111/j.1399-3038.2006.00456.x 21/3/20

More Zotero support

Welcome Just Science Participant! Here is an extra primer how to store your references from the scientific papers that you are reading. In 1983 I was writing on cards, moved to a simple 4-column-database in 1989, used Endnote in 2005 and eventually moved to Zotero in 2007. Zotero is an open source database that sits as a plugin in your Firefox browser [download link]. The neat thing Continue reading More Zotero support


Is there a working alternative to Endnote(R) or Reference Manager(R) for Open Office (noR)? The Bibliographic Project Homepage says that Continue reading bibliographic.openoffice.org.call