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Personal Genome Explorer

Laborjournal 4/2008 reports a new software tool for DNA addicted people: the Personal Genome Explorer which is based on SNP annotation by SNPedia. So, what I tried to institutionalize on a sound level as “Genome Explained” possibly within the framework of HGVS is now being done by a street initiative fueled by early adopters like Cross, Arlington, Halamka and Smolenyak. It looks very much like an unholy alliance of profit interests and technical curiosity than good science and responsible counseling, yea, yea.
Addendum: If you believe in support vector machines, you can even let your laptop screen the medical literature for genetic associations with GAPscreener. <irony> No more lengthy training in genetics, statistics, epidemiology and bioinformatics, no more years of collecting all relevant papers & abstracts, just let your laptop score your DNA variants </irony>