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SuperSAGE plus highly parallel sequencing

Current RNA chip technology, although quite advanced, is usually limited to known transcripts. As rare transcripts (N=1 to 5) usually cannot be quantified, current chip technology is probably useless for building realistic virtual cells. Maybe there are there are other options? SAGE – serial analysis of gene expression – has been also around Continue reading SuperSAGE plus highly parallel sequencing

GPS for biological pathways

After running a dual core CPU for two weeks I have a list here of all transcripts that are associated with the “ORMDL3” SNP gene cluster. Making sense from this list is a difficult task even with dozen of dedicated websites.
To get an overview of what is available I would start Continue reading GPS for biological pathways

RNA genes – dark matter of human biology?

I currently hunting some transcripts of unknown function (see below), possibly a RNA gene? while it is difficult to locate any good annotation server. So far I tried RNAz based on a PNAS 2005 paper – another one was RNA Genie. Next step will be the new Gingeras paper that describes even a new class of RNA genes. Finally this may not even be a RNA at all but an alternative leading exon … Continue reading RNA genes – dark matter of human biology?