(photo by Claudia Beck)

Matthias Wjst started his very first job in a professional photo lab. But then he moved to rather different occupations. The interest in photography came only back in the early 2010ies while he is doing now more photojournalism as far as his main job at a research center is permitting that. He is specialized in cycling, bicycle technology, rider portraits, urban lifestyle, bike traveling and cycle racing.

He published in numerous European magazines, journals and newspapers, participated in several exhibitions and is currently represented by imago, Berlin. I am interested in all editorial work related to cycling, like to work with charities and NGOs but sorry, no wedding photography.
Occasionally I need m/f street models in the Munich area on a TfP basis, feel free to apply below.

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Impressum: Matthias Wjst, Eschenrieder Strasse 43, 82194 Gröbenzell, Germany. Send me an email m(AT)wjst(DOT)de or use the contact form.