Taqman ® based genotyping – What´s new?

You may have read the contribution of Monika Werner and me in “Pharmacogenetics” about “Methods of Genotyping”.

A point that we did not cover when describing the 5-prime-nuclease assay is the neverending miniaturisation of assays. At a recent HUGO meeting I have already seen British Kbioscience offering an extremely flat, black, ca. 8 x 12 x 0.2 cm, 1,536 well plastic plate (size recalled from memory) that is sealed after filling in primer / mastermix and DNA. Up to 1,000 sealed plates are then water-bathed for temperature cycling.

A few days ago another system made it on my desk: U.S. BioTrove sent me a demo array that is about 6,4 x 2 x 0,01 cm has precoated primer holes for 3,072 assays where you just add your DNA + mastermix before sealing and cycling it on a conventional thermocycler.