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Der chinesische Menschenversuch

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Montag 26.11.2018

Wir haben es lange gefürchtet, es wird ein verrückter Einzeltäter sein, der als erster einen genmanipulierten Menschen produzieren wird. Nature berichtet heute mittag über eine Serie von Youtube Videos, die bereits gestern am 25.11.18 hochgeladen wurden.

He Jiankui, a genome-editing researcher from the Southern University of Science and Technology of China in Shenzhen, says that he implanted into a woman an embryo that had been edited to disable the genetic pathway that allows a cell to be infected with HIV … The scientist’s claims have not been verified through independent genome testing or published in a peer-reviewed journal. But, if true, the birth would represent a significant — and controversial — leap in the use of genome-editing. So far these tools have only be used in embryos for research, often to investigate the benefit of using them to eliminate disease-causing mutations from the human germline. But reports of off-target effects in some studies have raised significant safety concerns.

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