2016 Transatlantic Way  

The Transatlanticway is a 2.400 km one-stage-unsupported bicycle race first held in 2016. It started in Dublin and ended in Cork, travelling all the way down the windy roads along the West Coast of Ireland known as the Wild Atlantic Way. The winner Bern Paul needed 6 days, 3 hours, 31 minutes and 52 seconds (timestamps from my cameras are +1h ahead of Dublin time).

The current listing is preliminary, showing scratched riders (Sarah Searle, Michael Henley, Tobias Frenz, Angie Tan) under top ten finishers. Corrected scores are Bernd Paul (GER) 6:04:48, George Cordal (GBR) 7:09:29, Jack Peterson (GBR) 7:10:03, Paula Regner (GER) 7:12:41 and John Souter 7:15:40. Further race reports are available from Martin Cox, Zooey Miller, Ciaran Fitzgerald and Daniel Johansson. The official race website is