Let us build a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto heaven

The great pyramid of Giza by Cheops (Khufu, Χέωψ) is a true mystery. SPIEGEL online now reports another attempt to explain how the pyramid has been constructed. A French architect believes that the pyramids have been build in two steps – a low level ramp until 40 m followed by internal loop roads (basically the same way skyscraper are being constructed nowadays, Dassault Systemes has some animations). Truly, a promising hypothesis – certainly better than a long distance ramp until the top but no so much advantage over a circular outside ramp. Look at my pictures taken about 15 years ago – blocks at 2.5 tons are manageable by an inside ramp. As always, a hypothesis can be proven, where in my opinion, filling in the final cornerstones will be a critical point. Maybe some of the tourists entering the pyramid (this was prohibited when I was in Giza) can answer the question if there is any evidence of a gap at the cornerstones – indicated by the red circles below.

img000827.jpg img000825.jpg pyramid3.png