Bioinformatics does it, Allergy does it and Nature does it

all these journals will kick your manuscript from of the submission database if they find any (assumed) formal error. It reads something like this

Thank you for your submission to … We notice, however, that unfortunately it does not conform with our stipulated guidelines (for details, see …) and we are therefore temporarily withdrawing your manuscript until this can be rectified…
Please ensure that this requirement is fulfilled before resubmitting your manuscript. We shall then let you know promptly whether we are likely to pursue this discussion. We look forward to hearing from you.

The reason may be a single line that extends a page limit after THEIR formatting! Or a JPG that is too large for print. .. Loosing your submission time stamp is only a minor problem, however, filling in again contact details of 20 co-authors is certainly nothing that I want to do a second time – in particular at journals with ultimate rejection rates of > 90%. Yea, yea.

always good to know ;-)