Collison forces during distance running

Finally, a really important paper (at least for me ;-)

Here we show that habitually barefoot endurance runners often land on the fore-foot (fore-foot strike) before bringing down the heel, but they sometimes land with a flat foot (mid-foot strike) or, less often, on the heel (rear-foot strike).

The forefoot has lower collision forces! while the forces are excessive according to an earlier study. These new studies support the recent development of a running shoes (currently under development in Magdeburg) with no heel – a longer tradition here (Eugen Brütting in 60ies and also Hegall Vollert in the 80ies). Some of the Büttings can still be bought but I haven’t tested them so far. And now the video

reminds me what orthopedics here call the Strunz-Fuss