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Mania & Ritalin


reduced need for sleep
increased rate of speech
flight of ideas
being easily distracted
high self-esteem
an increased interest in goal-oriented activities
psychomotor agitation
increased pursuit of risky or dangerous activities
inappropriate humor
extreme impulsiveness
apparent lack of insight into the consequences of an action
reckless and extravagant spending
hypersexuality and sexually provocative behaviors

Mechanics: Frontal cortex (Brodmann area 9) shows upregulation of mRNA and protein levels of neuroinflammatory and arachidonic acid (AA) cascade markers  linked to increased glutamatergic function.


increased attention span
emotional lability
libido changes

Mechanics:  Methylphenidate inhibits the reuptake of dopamine and norepinephrine, increased dopaminergic and noradrenergic activity in the prefrontal cortex.

A mistake in the operating room

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A mistake in the operating room can threaten the life of one patient; a mistake in statistical analysis or interpretation can lead to hundreds of early deaths. So it is perhaps odd that, while we allow a doctor to conduct surgery only after years of training, we give SPSS® (SPSS, Chicago, IL) to almost anyone. Moreover, whilst only a surgeon would comment on surgical technique, it seems that anybody, regardless of statistical training, feels confident about commenting on statis- tical data. If we are to bring the vast efforts of research to fruition, and truly practice evidence- based medicine, we must learn to interpret the results of randomized trials appropriately.

The not so revolutionary phenotype

While scanning the internet for the crispr’d babies I found some bizarre accounts. One of these is “Revolutionary Phenotype” by Jean-Francois Gariépy, a book to appear in late 2018, and more fi than sci.

Suppose you want to have a child, but instead of reproducing in the traditional fashion, you and your mate opt to store your genetic information on a computer. Then, while your genes are digitally stored on the computer’s hard drive, you decide to make a few minor edits—just some slight improvements to ensure your kid will be healthy. You then dump your revised digital genome into a series of DNA molecules, which you inject into a human egg that has been stripped of its own native genome. Nine months later, your flesh- and-blood child is born, and you and your family proceed with your deeply satisfying life. You end up never regretting the decision you have made to modify a few genes in your child’s DNA. Your child likes it too since he has better health and strength compared to most of his peers. He’s already dreaming of having his own genetically- modified children.

Humans are not only determined by their genome. And the human genome is a bit more than a digital sequence. But maybe this misunderstanding is intended to increase sales.

Science Blogger Quatsch

Was es nicht alles nicht gibt… “sapiosexuell” … ist aber dann doch mehr ein Neologismus und Bloggerquatsch. Die Studie von Miller zu Spermamobilität und Intelligenz gibt es zwar wirklich, gehört aber mehr in das und die Ig Nobel Kategorie.

Die Korrelationen sind bescheiden und natürlich hat das was mit Alkohol und Rauchen zu tun – das Regressionsmodell ist einfach schlecht mit residual confounding. Wer wirklich intelligent ist, wird auch nicht an einer Veteranenstudie teilnehmen. Und je intelligenter, desto weniger werden die Antworten stimmen: central tendency bias, courtesy bias und so weiter.

Das ganz erinnert an den Marylin Monroe-Albert Einstein Witz ( “Herr Professor wäre es nicht wundervoll, wenn wir zusammen ein Kind hätten, ihre Intelligenz und meine Schönheit?” Antwort Einstein “Und was machen wir wenn es anders kommt? Ihre Intelligenz und meine Schönheit?”