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A mistake in the operating room

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A mistake in the operating room can threaten the life of one patient; a mistake in statistical analysis or interpretation can lead to hundreds of early deaths. So it is perhaps odd that, while we allow a doctor to conduct surgery only after years of training, we give SPSS® (SPSS, Chicago, IL) to almost anyone. Moreover, whilst only a surgeon would comment on surgical technique, it seems that anybody, regardless of statistical training, feels confident about commenting on statis- tical data. If we are to bring the vast efforts of research to fruition, and truly practice evidence- based medicine, we must learn to interpret the results of randomized trials appropriately.

ICMJE Conflicts of Interest – spyware?

I dont’t understand why the ICMJE Conflicts of Interest is distributed not as a standard PDF but as an Adobe Form that can be opened only after installing a lot of unnecessary software that opens a lot of unnesssary ports transmitting a lot of unnecessary data. This is how it looks natively on a Mac

and this is how it should look like

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC does not allow printing into a PDF, so this is an intended behaviour to tie up customers.

So many contract disputes

While working on the revision of a paper on GDPR & open access, I found an interesting table who is fighting whom in science.

The NetherlandsVSNURoyal Society of Chemistry
FranceCouperinSpringer Nature

Do we need any of these publishers? I would say no.
What’s currently allowed is in the Sherpa/Romeo list.

Embed youtube videos without pre-loading any data

This short script is quite useful for DSGVO complaint, aeh compliant websites. Just put a grey picture in /images/externalcontent.png or wherever you want


and insert a short script in the wordpress header.

function showyou() {
  $('iframe[name*=".com"]').each(function(e) {
    var src=$(this).attr('name');
  $('iframe[src*=".com"]').each(function(e) {
    var src=$(this).attr('src');
    $(this).attr('name',src );
    $(this).after('<img class="me" src="/images/externalcontent.png" onclick="$(\'.me\').hide();showyou();"/>

Citizen Science: Feinstaubmessung in Eigenregie

Das Stuttgarter Messprojekt ist ausführlich auf erklärt, die Feinstaub Theorie auf

Dahinter steckt der Laser Staub Sensor SDS011.

Nova Fitness SDS011 is a professional laser dust sensor. Fan mounted on sensor automatically sucks air. Sensor uses laser light scattering principle to measure value of dust particles suspended in the air. Sensor provides high precision and reliable readings of PM2.5 and PM10 values. Any change in environment can be observed almost instantaneously – short respond time below 10 seconds. Sensor in standard mode reports reading with 1 second interval.
Measured values: PM2.5, PM10
Range: 0 – 999.9 μg /m³
Resolution: 0.3μg/m3
Work environment:-10 ~ +50°C
Counting yield: 70%@0.3μm, 98%@0.5μm
Relative error: Maximum of ± 15%, ±10μg/m3 25°C, 50%RH
Cycle: 1004ms±1%
Service life: up to 8000 hours

Mit 70mA Stromverbrauch kann der Sensor damit auch mobil mit einer gängigen Powerbank (zB 3.500 mAh) 50 Stunden lang betrieben werden, am besten parallel zu einem alten Mobilfunkgerät, das nicht nur einen GPS Track aufzeichnet, sondern auch per Wifi gleich die Daten speichert. Mehr zur Evaluation des Sensors auf bzw Zusammengefasst

* zufriedenstellende Korrelation an Tagen mit mittlerer Luftfeuchtigkeit (50 – 70 % r. F.) und Konzentrationen kleiner 20 μg/m3
* deutliche Abweichungen bei Schwankungen der klimatischen Bedingungen (Luftfeuchte, Luftdruck, Lufttemperatur)
* Sensoren aus unterschiedlichen Chargen weisen unterschiedliche Messergebnisse auf
* undefinierter Probengasstrom durch ungeregelten Lüfter führt zu starken Schwankungen des Messvolumens

Transdermal vitamin D patch

There is a new clinical trial D3ForMe that has a big benefit in my eyes: Avoiding the high local vitamin D in the gut Peyers’ Patch after oral supplementation.
Oral supplementation likely affects gut-specific homing leading activated T cells and antibody-secreting cells (ASCs) to both inflamed and non-inflamed regions of the gut. Also antigen recognition may be affected by inhibited DC maturation.
In an earlier vitamin D3 could be safely be delivered through the dermal route.