Peer to peer publication

Although not so much appreciated by big companies, peer to peer technologies have a great success in sharing communities. Peer to peer might even work with mobile phones in Africa as shown recently by a Swedish company.
I wonder if peer to peer would also work. In a first instance I want to publish for peers only and not the whole world. Second, I am interested in their opinion and third would like to have an opportunity to correct errors or misunderstandings.
Nothing is possible with current scientific journals. Even open source journals mimic only traditional publication (with 1500€ for managing a PDF…).
So could peer to peer publication an answer? A smart client that keeps addresses and signatures? Plus their valued opinion


in real-time? I am sure that would speed up very much scientific communication – leaving away any lengthy introduction (you need to write down only your research question), cutting down length discussions (as everyone knows the facts from regularly reviews) with ultimately removing the citation list, yea, yea.

Negroponte’s One Laptop Per Child will also support WLAN chains (SZ 18.9.07 p18).