How to lie with statistics

The current Greenpeace campaign attacks German car manufacturer Porsche as building climate killer machines. Porsche responds with large posters – see the online figures – that they
1. contribute less than 0.1% of traffic related CO2 emission
2. have the lowest CO2 emission per KW engine power
3. will reduce CO2 emission until 2012 by 20%
Responses seem to be more a fake, but nicely illustrate how environmental science often works – simply distorted relationships on the macro- and microlevel followed by some vague forward looking statements. BTW the 20% reduction may not be related to the current emissions – honi soit qui mal y pense – it may even relate to some projected output in 2012 that is 100% higher than today. Numbers even do not matter as nobody will renember that in 2012 – and even then you will be narrow minded meticulous if you renember this day, yea, yea.