More on paranormal inheritance of allergy

This note should probably start with a smile ;-) as you may already know about my interest in parthogenesis, microchimerism, siRNA transmission and other epigenetic wonders. We already know about preferential transmission of allergy by the allergic mother which was quite evident in our 1992 paper but I thought this has been influenced by preferential reporting of interviewed mothers. Indeed a complex relationship as there are for example more healthy mothers in East than in West Germany that have an allergic child. If we believe another epidemiologist, you get your hayfever from your partner and eczema after divorce (which doesn´t make sense at all…, it’s probably reporting bias as not found in other studies)
New research in mice now shows that preconception immunization in mice prevents neonatal sensitization – not such a surprise if we think of transplacental/breastmilk transmission of allergen and IgG1s. A trait running in families has not always a genetic cause, yea, yea.


more modifiers of epigenetic reprogramming