How to mod your blog to a seminar website

Obviously we want an uncluttered view of our seminar website, so we start by

creating a new page template from the standard page by commenting out headers, footers and sidebars.

We then assign this template to the main seminar page and add some text. By using the ICS calendar plugin lecture dates can be directly imported from iCal by including the


command. Next we will create some more subpages in WordPress under the hierarchy of the main seminar page like

— seminar
|—- pdfs
|—- videos
|—- etc…

All subpages need to be set to “private”.

In addition the same hierarchy is produced on the file system while each directory needs an appropriate .htccess file to limit site access. Links to subpages will point towards the file system only. Given appropriate credentials Apache will redirect to the appropriate WordPress page. This trick will secure both content of a directory and access to the mirror WordPress page.