Humans will need two Earths by 2030

is a quote from The comment to the post there is even better:

I knew it! It’s all the fault of the British. I’m still trying to reconcile how a warming globe (kinetic energy) is running out of resources (mostly energy), but devil be damned, we need a crisis and someone to blame and I concur, it is the fault of the British, but let’s take advantage of the crisis and throw in Americans and Canadians, the Australians, and the Israelis. Er, scratch the Australians, just the Americans, the British and Canadians. But maybe we can add the Russians. I’d like to add the Chinese, but then I’d look like a racist, so just the Americans, Canadians, British, Russians and Jews. I note just the Jews (c’mon, how anti-semetic can I be with a name like IRA) because if I said anything bad about Arab Israelis, I’d be labeled as an Islamaphobe. So, in summary, the earth will die in 20 years because of the Americans, Russians, Canadians, and Israelis. Oops, forgot the British. That would be the British, Americans, Russians, Canadians and Israelis (er Jews) are going to destroy the planet. Or use it up, same thing. Oh, and the Australians, though I can’t remember now, did I toss them off the list? So the British, Americans, Jewish Israelis, Canadians, and Russians are going to use up everything, leaving nothing for anyone else. Sad, very sad. I wonder what this will do to property values?

hey, throw in the Germans too ;-)