Getting started with webRTC

While the protocol is already around for some time, webRTC isn’t been used so much although many browser are supporting it.

The basic webRTC samples of peer connection works well within the same browser window (showcase) while I need to connect sound + audio between two browser windows in a local network. After trying out several frameworks, I found the most easiest one easyRTCrtc. It works out of the box

git clone
cd /Users/wjst/Desktop/easyrtc
cd /Users/wjst/Desktop/easyrtc/server_example
npm install express --save
node server.js

while pointing the browser to localhost:8080. Three weeks later, I find the sources poorly documented, connections are frequently broken, while Chrome explains it is moving soon to “Plan B”.

I could have been warned.

Will test now Ant Media Server.