Researchers are against the permanent rating of their work

I think most active researchers are against the permanent rating of their work by research administrators like

  • amount of funding received
  • prizes won and
  • impact factor of published work.

as nobody can reliable measure the true relevance of their work.

  • There is no generic value of money, it is only means to an end (and even a waste if we shell out too much money).
  • Prizes are good for some egos. But who really cares? 99.9% of all scientists are forgotten only a few years after retirement.
  • And impact factor?  The “publishing elite turned against impact factor” already 5 years ago as scientists are now tweaking the system by  by self referencing and de referencing others. Most papers published in Nature received fewer citations than indicated by the impact factor of the journal.,-Ewen%20Callaway&text=Senior%20staff%20at%20leading%20journals,its%20outsized%20impact%20on%20science.