Sex, drugs and DNA: Science’s Taboos Confronted

Highly recommended by a friend, I have ordered “Sex, drugs and DNA” by Michael Stebbins. Also Publishers Weekly finds

Stebbins has set out to write a polemical overview of the most controversial topics in modern science and, to a large extent, he succeeds. Stebbins, the Director of Biology Policy for the Federation of American Scientists, writes in a brash style more often associated with political diatribes than serious science […] As he points out, “the devil is in the detail” regarding this particular issue, and neither the public, the media, nor the politicians seem to have a firm grasp of the details.

Popular Science UK writes

“FOUR STARS: If you enjoy reading Michael Moore, you will want to read this book too. Without doubt, a book that anyone who really wants science to succeed should read.”

Just found another article of Michael Stebbins at SEED and his supporting website including a blog and cartoons by Dr. Sean Taverna. To be continued, yea, yea.