BMJ Christmas edition

We are already waiting for the BMJ. This year

  • Physicians in opera: Stefan Willich about Le Nozze di Figaro
  • Sword swallowing and its side effects: Brian Witcombe’ s finding that sword swallowers run a higher risk of injury
  • Daisy the Doctor, Dr Dose, Dr Grizzly, Dr Amelia Bedelia, and colleagues: Monica Lalanda works on the image of doctors in children books: kind, professional, and reassuring
  • Phenotypic differences between male physicians, surgeons, and film stars – comparative study: Antoni Trillas rating of “good looking” men – the winner, sorry, are not the surgeons
  • From a 16th century monastery to a 21st century orthopaedic hospital: P (not Alberto) Tomba, worth a visit
  • and much more

Yea, yea.