Here’s lookin’ at you, kid

In German Humphrey Bogart’s immortal expression “Here’s lookin’ at you, kid” was translated “Ich seh’ Dir in die Augen, Kleines” which translates back to “I look in your eyes, honey”. Seems that this was a spontaneous idea of Bogart on 3rd July 1942 in the Burbank Studios of Warner Brothers if we believe this website.

I am now looking in your eyes with a new study by my long-term penpal David Duffy – 3 OCA2 intron 1 SNPs (rs7495174-rs6497268-rs11855019) are sufficient to explain most human eye colors: T-G-T/T-G-T diplotype is found in 62% blue/gray, 28% green/hazel and 10% brown eyes.

In a (soon to be published) study of European population stratification we also typed 2 OCA2 SNPs but unfortunately not the same ones; I checked also the Affymetrix 500K panel but it doesn`t included these SNPs as well.