Fit for Fat or so

“Fit statt fett” is a program discussed today in German parliament. Although all experts agree on the problem they disagree on goals and methods, saying that this is a waste of money by overweight experts sitting round the table. One of the main problems is what constitutes healthy food; another one how to get people moving. Whatever the solutions are, I will never understand why such an expensive strategy cannot be evaluated first in a smaller city.
Here is my contribution to the problem: tenniqoits / ringtennis. Has been invented in Karlsruhe (at Rheinstrandbad Rappenwörth) where the former mayor Hermann Schneider adapted the boat game deck tennis from a trip to New York. As children we all played there frequently but I discovered only now that this famous game is not so much known in the rest of the world. The rubber ring just weights 200 g, costs 5 €$ – fits into every backpack – rules are available online.