Healthy Living Tip #42

This is what I have found while traveling California: “Tip #70: Knowledge is power. Read the nutrition facts panel on your foods so you can make a sensible, balanced choices throughout the day.”

snack.pngGiven my belief that the psychological and biochemical food recognition process is largely fooled by pre-processed food that contains multiple additives changing appearance, taste and smelling here is my healthy living tip: “Tip #42: Knowledge is power. If you can read a nutrition facts panel on any food your sensory system to recognize food appearance and composition may be disturbed that you can no more make a sensible, balanced choices throughout the day.”


26-5-07 Why #42? To read more about Douglas Adams please click on Life, the Universe, and Everything ;-)


28-5-07 Douglas Coupland (who was born only 10 km away from my birth town Karlsruhe), eventually becoming famous for his “Generation X” and capturing the Zeitgeis, wrote in “Microserfs” that some nerds eat only things that fit under the door.