“Science advances in stages and no story is complete”

Sometimes we think we are alone with our difficulty of getting a good paper published. In lucid moments, however, we find others making the same experience- see a commentary in Science

The stress associated with publishing experimental results–a process that can take as long as obtaining the results in the first place–can drain much of the joy from practicing science […] All too often, young scientists spend many months doing such “referees’ experiments.” Their time and effort would frequently be better spent trying to move their project forward rather than sideways […] Science advances in stages, and no story is complete.

The proposed solution – sending out only a limited number of papers for review – will certainly not cure the problem. Even running the risk to repeat that over and over again: it is a system flaw where a journal is being assigned an impact factor that is consecutively assigned to all papers in that journal. In other words – a group observation may not be valid for every single member, yea, yea.