In a perfect world

of science even computer nerds would need just one single word processor plus a statistics, a graphics and a bibliography program. While under Windows my work horse was Word + Endnote + SAS + Sigmaplot I have been stepping forward under OS X to MacTex + BibDesk + R (+ thinking about Aabel). LYX is a nice frontend for MacTex with a nice surprise as the package included also BibDesk that can import Papers‘ references.
So the final task was to integrate R into the LYX environment where an online documentation helped me very much. A hurdle not mentioned there is to select the right style for the R code in the article(Noweb) template: it is “scrap” or “Ausschuss” in the German version ;-)
Nome non est omen – this looks already like a perfect setup (if you have also seen doctoral students tearing with MS Word), yea, yea.