The 294 records the cigarette industry kept about me writes about at a formal review of a smoke associated effect that

found 43 [studies] in total, and overall, smoking significantly increases your risk of Alzheimers … 11 of the studies were written by people with affiliations to the tobacco industry. This wasn’t always declared, so to double check, the researchers searched on the University of California’s Legacy Tobacco Documents Library, a vast collection of scanned material which has been gathered over decades of legal action.

I didn’t know of this collection. Although that topic was never a main scope of my research they collected nearly 300 documents mentioning my name, uhh. Maybe I haven’t been so much in the focus of this industry although I remember a phone call by a headhunter (I declined to work for them). Does that matter?

A lot: the risks of Alzheimers associated with smoking reported by these papers were on average about a third lower than those conducted by other researchers, and they produced many papers showing cigarettes were actively protective.

Yea, yea.