Why Pubmed is going into the false direction

I think, the new Pubmed layout isn’t too bad. But there is a remarkable difference how papers are being displayed right now, if you compare the old (legacy) version of Pubmed and the new layout using exactly the same search query.

old Version: sorted by publication date, newest first
new version, sorted by “best match”

I fear the new sort order will let a lot of scientists just take the “best match” as their main reference – also known as Matthew effect. The NLM support wrote to me

Thank you for writing to the help desk. The default sort order is Best Match to help users find relevant citations quickly. If you would like to change how results are sorted, please use the Display Options button (located in the top right corner). If you change the “sort by” option, your new selection will be active for subsequent searches until browser data and cookies are cleared. For more information about sorting your results, please see: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/help/#sort-results.

I believe that 90% of all Pubmed users will go for the standard setting.