Catch you

Some of you may remember my recent post how to secure your laptop. There is now also an excellent way to secure your car, boat, or whatever you like. You even don’t need to be a gadget afficionado like me to be fascinated by new Windows Mobile software Phonetracker that is able to send a SMS back with the current GPS positions. By receiving a SMS containing the *PHONETRACKER* request it will reply with

08.08.2007 18:12:23
54.54321, 12.54321,100.00,180.00,05.00

The last 3 figures are height above ground (meter), heading (degree) and speed (m/s). If the sending phone has installed Tom Tom software these coordinates are automatically inserted as new POI. Best of all and somewhere hidden on the German of the website the free reply module. Nice tool and thanks to the author!

If you are not so lucky having WM5 there is another software you can try: Vito Find Me


Finally as I now have now GPRS/UMTS access here I could also look at GPSGate. Initially developed as a GPS port sharing tool, it has nice features hidden at Settings->Output->Add Output
allowing a permanent update of your position at Google Earth. Although I cant see see any private situations where this might be useful – it is certainly an excellent tool for research on traffic flow as I did a decade ago, yea, yea.