Do not stand between me and the sun

Diogenes, “the Cynic,” Greek philosopher, was born at Sinope about 412 BC, and died in 323 at Corinth, according to Diogenes Laërtius.
Do not stand between me and the sun – the vitamin/allergy story is getting confusing with the new JACI review.
I am publishing here a summary table where I am pulling together all studies in the field. The main problem is that nearly every study needs a footnote — there are U-shaped associations, differently defined outcomes, margarine intake is not standardized, effect modification and unrecognized confounding is always possible, etc. Anyway, the letter A, B, C, denote single studies, the column holds the exposure and the row the outcome. It is quite evident that (1) pregnancy exposure is not the same than (2) newborn exposure. It is also evident that asthma / wheeze / upper airway infection may be difficult to separate. Does this explain some confusion? Randomized trials are urgently needed.