In memory of Peter Lipton

I have been asked to give an evening lecture about science and religion here at a local congregation. At the first moment, I did not want to do that, but finally promised to take up this challenge – there are so many heroes where I could get some inspiration. I remember having read a wonderful paper by an author but could not recall his name. He had a great method how to unify both worlds, the scientific one and the religious one. I took me nearly two weeks to find the paper again. This essay really speaks right from my heart but when going now to Peter Lipton’s site to give you the link, I found the note that the faculty announced the death of Professor Peter Lipton who died suddenly of natural causes on the evening of Sunday 25 November 2007. Here is his essay on science and religion: The immersion solution

… My own views on science and religion are hardly views from nowhere. My scientific perspective is that of a hopeful realist. Scientific realism is the view that science, though fallible through and through, is in the truth business, attempting to find out about a world independent of ourselves, and it is the view that business is, on the whole, going pretty well. My religious perspective is that of a progressive Jew. The problem I am worrying in this essay is my own problem. I take my other philosophical problems seriously too, but for the me the question of the relationship between science and religion has a personal edge I do not feel in my other philosophical obsessions…

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