A first mouse with asthma?

One of the main reasons that there is not so much progress in asthma and COPD research is a missing good animal model. Despite some caveats such a model could tremendously push a field. A new editorial in the AJRRCCM now believes there could be such a model:At Last! A Realistic Animal Model of Severe Asthma“. A closer look at the main premises

I suggest that hyperresponsiveness means an increased response to a given dose of agonist leading to excessive, unrestricted airway narrowing.

uncovers more questions than answers. If we believe that every physiological reaction is dose-dependent and the possibility of hundreds of substances to close any airway, at least this definition is far ahead from what I would like – an animal

genetically determined, spontaneous, exertion and allergen inducible reversible airway inflammation, of intermittent cycles, usually benign but also lethal outcome

While we are still waiting for such a model, you may do your own asthma research with this gadget.