Create your own Garmin vector map

It turned out to be a tricky job to move from pixel maps to a Garmin vector map; I first thought that is impossible but here is a way to do that:
1. Find the area of interest with Geocoder
2. Get digital elevation data from de Ferranti
3. Import them in 3DEM, export as GEO-TIFF, import in DEM2TOPO and export in Polish map format.
4. Finalize with Mapedit. Mapedit will read Polish format, import your already available GPS tracks or positions saved in Oziexplorer. The best Mapedit feature is certainly the Google Earth overlay. Nevertheless map editing remains a time consuming enterprise but may be the only way if there is no other map available. I wish there would be more of these maps like for Iceland or Garda Lessinia.