Try to stay away from rants and comparisons

for living then longer … This might be a good rule for private life (and even for a scientific career) but not so much for the progress of science.
There is another allergy gene paper on FCER1A and RAD50. FCER1A has some tragedy as the authors believed for many years in FCER1B (and others in FCER2).
Another tragedy comes with the second gene – RAD50. RAD50 lies close to IL13 and while the authors note the proximity to the methylation sensitive master T cell locus control region RHS7, they were not aware of of the high resolution of this region.

The large (>50 kb) RAD50 gene, which encodes an ubiquitously expressed DNA repair protein, is located within the Th2-cytokine locus on chromosome 5q31, which has been linked with total IgE … Remarkably, evidence has been provided for the presence of a locus control region (LCR) within a 25 kb segment of the 3A region of this gene, which plays an important role in the regulation of Th2 cytokine gene transcription … The finding of an association between RAD50 variants and IgE levels is new and biologically compelling.

That statement is neither true nor compelling as the region is ill defined for nearly 14 years.
There are quite interesting hypothesis, however, that could be followed up like a possible RAD50 influence on TCR recombination or  an IL13 influence on baseline IgE.
BTW I do not know how you can reverse transcribe “RNA into RNA” (see methods…) or how somebody can be an author who is not on the author list. Hopefully there are no further inaccuracies, yea, yea.