Münchhausen Trilemma

A scintillatingly witty reply to one of my recent letters say that

The wonderful characteristic of science, unlike religion, dogma and faith, is that hypotheses can be tested. Prospective studies are needed to understand causal relationships and to help ascertain intermediate mechanisms. We are continuing to test the hypothesis that H pylori protects against childhood asthma and related allergic disorders.

while I can offer here only a dry link to a trilemma article

dissent – The uncertainty of the rules of common life, and of the opinions of philosophers
Progress ad infinitum – All proof requires some further proof, and so on to infinity
Relation – All things are changed as their relations become changed, or, as we look upon them from different points of view
Assumption – The truth asserted is merely an hypothesis
Circularity – The truth asserted involves a vicious circle (see regress argument)

or in more tangible terms: I am looking forward to a trial where H pylori is repeatedly eradicated in newborns, why not?