I am curently working on a new lecture series on that topic – having a gut feeling that the evolutionary history will explain how and why we get diseases. Some German magazines (“Fehlkonstruktion Mensch” DER SPIEGEL 40/2009) even write about that topic quoting a forthcoming book of Ganten / Deichmann / Spahl). I will rely, however, mostly on Gluckman / Beedle and Henson: “Evolutionary Medicine” as well as about 100 papers tagged as evo-devo-dis over the past years. A focus will be on directed mutation (in contrast to Darwin’s random mutation rates) and fixation mechanism (in contrast to Darwin’s simple selection) covering several interesting examples like CF/lactase and vitamin D. This will be a more useful exercise than continuing the boring ID vs. evolution discussion. Let me know if you want to subscribe to that here in Munich – maybe winter 2010?


I do not mean evi-devi by that post…