Bleach use and allergy

Here is another paper that supports my long-standing view that the hygiene hypothesis may be wrong

We identified 3626 participants of the European Community Respiratory Health Survey II in 10 countries who did the cleaning in their homes and for whom data on specific serum IgE to 4 environmental allergens were available …The use of bleach was associated with less atopic sensitization (odds ratio [OR], 0.75; 95% CI, 0.63-0.89).

yea, it says less not more! And there is another paper that ask about the hygiene hypothesis “Do we still believe in it?”

This has little relationship with ‘hygiene’ in the usual meaning of the word. The term ‘hygiene hypothesis’ is unfortunate, as it is misleading. A better term would be ‘microbial deprivation hypothesis’.

I even think that microbial deprivation is questionable.